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Total value:
Bracelets (22)
Findings-> (260)
Silver Sterling Findings-> (208)
Broochs-> (67)
Cloisonne (11)
Coral (4)
Crystal beads-> (91)
Necklege-> (16)
Crystals from SWAROVSKI-> (947)
Gift boxes (24)
Rings-> (15)
Ceramics beads (2)
Chevron beads (14)
KASHMIRI beads-> (62)
PANDORA Style Beads-> (15)
Plastic & wood beads-> (58)
Polymer Clay beads (4)
Porcelain beads (1)
Glass beads-> (851)
MIYUKI beads-> (35)
TENSHA Beads-> (13)
TOHO beads-> (144)
Millefiori-> (32)
Pendants-> (278)
Fresh water pearls-> (6)
Mallorca Style Pearls (9)
Gemstone beads-> (256)
Shell (16)
ZARI - Ornaments (9)
What's In My Cart?
Remove Product(s) Greutate Qty. Total
Bracelet C Bracelet C (BRD 1-10)
3 2,00RON
Bracelet C Bracelet C (BRD 1-11)
3 2,00RON
Gift box A50 Gift box A50 (BOX 50-4)
11 2,00RON
Gift box A2018 Gift box A2018 (BOX 2018-6)
14 2,60RON
Bracelet Bracelet (BRST M3)
60 7,50RON
Bracelet Bracelet (BRST M5)
60 7,50RON
Gift box A2018 Gift box A2018 (BOX 2018-9)
14 2,60RON
Gift box AC200 Gift box AC200 (BOX SET120)
170 14,00RON
Gift box A40 Gift box A40 (BOX 40-21)
8 1,60RON
Bracelet Bracelet (BRST M4)
60 7,50RON
Gift box A2018 Gift box A2018 (BOX 2018-1)
14 2,60RON
Gift box A40 Gift box A40 (BOX 40-24)
8 1,60RON
Metal Bracelet Metal Bracelet (BR MET1)
5 4,50RON
Chevron glass beads Chevron glass beads (OCHV 108)
17 12,00RON
Chevron glass beads 4R Chevron glass beads 4R (4RCHV 2)
9 9,00RON
Cloisonne beads Cloisonne beads (CL208)
8 25,00RON
Cloisonne beads 10G Cloisonne beads 10G (10CL 39)
2 0,90RON
Mother of pearl CB Mother of pearl CB (SIDCB02)
42 6,50RON
Mother of pearl GL Mother of pearl GL (SIDGL 2)
40 8,00RON
Chevron glass beads 6R Chevron glass beads 6R (6RCHV 01)
20 12,00RON
Mother of pearl CB Mother of pearl CB (SIDCB03)
42 6,50RON
Cloisonne beads 8G Cloisonne beads 8G (8CL 38)
1 0,70RON
Mother of pearl CB Mother of pearl CB (SIDCB 16)
42 6,50RON
Total greutate: 653
( Including VAT )

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